Dominic Jontony, LPCC

Dominic Jontony

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Insurance Accepted: Self-Pay


Phone: 614-459-3003 ext. 724

Dominic Jontony is a licensed professional clinical counselor who graduated from Ashland Theological Seminary with his Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Dominic provides services for:

Dominic is trained in EMDR work, specifically with individuals desiring to work through trauma, and walking with those in the grieving process. He is also well equipped in the restoration found from issues of depression, anger and anxiety.

Sports Counseling is an emerging field with immense benefits to athletic performance. As a collegiate athlete at The Ohio State University, Dominic has personally experienced the spectrum of high-level training. Whether it is anger, feeling “pressure” to perform, or even transitioning to retire from a sport, Dominic is eager to guide others to overcome training obstacles and break through to excel in sport and life.

More about Dominic Jontony:

In his down time, Dominic enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids.  Dominic maintains an active lifestyle, training in jujitsu and regular exercise.  He stays plugged into the community through a local church.

Everyone has a mountain they are climbing to get over.  Those that are filled with regrets, the broken hearted, those lacking in hope; the ways of pain are many. But every day we are given an opportunity to start over, to change from what our past has told us who we ought to be. Why not take that first step up that mountain – who knows where it will lead – but I can assure you, the view is better than this.-Dominic Jontony