Cornerstone Family Services is committed to providing high quality counseling and coaching services for individuals, couples, youth, and families.  We present guidance, counsel, and direction in order to navigate the challenges of life. Our non-profit organization provides:

  • Counseling and coaching for anyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Biblical principles for those who desire to incorporate a Christian perspective in their counseling or coaching services
  • A warm and welcoming environment so people will experience a sense of peace when meeting with his/her counselor or coach
  • Scholarship opportunities for those who meet specific income requirements
  • Convenient satellite locations for those who might not be able to meet at our main office


Cornerstone Family Services strives to provide counseling that reflects the God-given worth of each individual regardless of their spiritual status in life. Our counselors and coaches promote the dignity, uniqueness, intrinsic value, and potential of our clients at whatever stage of life they encounter our services. No one can escape the pain and suffering this world has to offer. We strive as a community of like-minded professionals to combine the gifts, challenges, and opportunities God has given us to help others navigate the difficulties of life.