Crisis Hotlines

Here are some important Central Ohio Hotlines and Emergency numbers:

Emergency: 911

National Suicide Hotline (Call or Text): 988

NetCare Access (24 Hour Mental Health and Substance Abuse Crisis Intervention): 614-276-2273

Domestic Violence: 614-258-6080

Franklin County Children Services: 614-229-7000

Rape Helpline: 614-267-7020

Suicide Prevention: 614-221-5445

Teen Suicide Hotline: 614-294-3300

Crisis Text Line: Text “4Hope” to 741741

Weekday Suicide Text Hotline (M-F 12pm-10pm): 614-221-5445

Social Media Safety Teams

Facebook: Click here to anonymously report someone as suicidal on Facebook. A member of Facebook’s Safety Team will send the user an e-mail with the Lifeline number and possibly a link to chat with Lifeline counselor.

Twitter: Click here and select “Self-Harm” to send an e-mail to Twitter reporting a suicidal user. Twitter will send the user a direct message with the Lifeline number.

MySpace: Click on the “Report Abuse” link that appears at the bottom of every MySpace page and complete the form. MySpace will then send an e-mail to the MySpace user with the Lifeline number.

YouTube: To report suicidal content, click on the flag icon under a video and select “Harmful Dangerous Acts” and then “Suicide or Self-Injury.” You Tube will then review the video and may send a message to the user that uploaded the video with the Lifeline number.

Tumblr: Click here to write an e-mail to Tumblr about a suicidal user. Include as much information as possible including the URL of the Tumblr blog. A member of Tumblr’s Safety Team will send the user an e-mail with the Lifeline number.


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