CornerStone is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and accepts donations to further their outreach to the central Ohio community. Accordingly, CornerStone offers reduced fee adjustments (scholarships) for those with qualified need in order to provide access to counseling for those with limited means to pay for services. In 2017, Cornerstone provided the equivalent of over $140,000 in pro bono services to over 200 families.

Donors may choose to designate their donation “In Memory of Robert Uhle” by checking the box in the donation form below and filling in the pop-up form.

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CornerStone Family Services has launched a GoFundMe campaign for a chairlift!

Cornerstone Family Services has been blessed with awesome new offices and we are very excited!

To meet our continued mission that everyone have access to professional counseling and coaching that’s affordable and accessible. We currently have a very important need to fill!  We want to ensure that those who are unable to navigate stairs (disabled veterans, handicapped individuals, seniors, etc.) have full access to our entire staff and services. To meet this need we are seeking to install a chairlift to smoothly bring our current and future clients up to the second floor.

“Jeremy’s” parents were dealing with cancer patient caretaker issues. His elderly mother was exhausted and over-matched by life, and his father was dying of pancreatic cancer. They are struggling with anger, depression and end of life anxiety. “Jeremy” was ultimately able to talk his folks into being transparent enough to get some help and they finally found a counselor that they can connect with.  Overcoming those challenges, he was dismayed when he found out their counselor was on the second floor and not accessible for his elderly parents.

Many of you know Bob Uhle, the founder of Cornerstone, who has persevered through extraordinary health issues. He now sees many chronically ill clients providing hope, support & encouragement to this population who are often forgotten or overlooked! These particular clients face relentless daily challenges and Bob gets it! This chairlift will open up the opportunities for more folks to be helped & will eliminate one major obstacle!

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