Partnering With Churches

Cornerstone Family Services desires to see the local church thrive. We love partnering with pastors and leadership teams of local churches in order to support the mental, emotional, and relational development of the congregation.

The benefits of allowing Cornerstone to be the local church’s first choice for expert Christian counseling and coaching services are numerous for both the individual and the pastoral staff.

The individual will benefit by:

  • Receiving the highest quality counseling and coaching from a licensed clinical counselor or IACC board-certified life coach
  • Experiencing a sense of freedom to speak openly about sensitive issues that could be considered uncomfortable to discuss in detail with the pastoral staff
  • Knowing that Cornerstone will provide a faith-based approach to help the individual achieve counseling or coaching goals

The pastoral staff will benefit by:

  • Allocating more time and focus on the spiritual needs of the church without neglecting the mental and emotional needs of the church
  • Mitigating the potential ethical and liability issues surrounding church or pastoral based counseling
  • Knowing that church members are receiving Biblical Christian counseling and coaching from trained professionals
  • Reducing the risk of unintentionally offending a church member

Cornerstone Family Services partners with several area churches. We would love to meet with your pastoral staff in person to understand your specific needs and discuss how we may be able to help your church thrive.  Contact us today to schedule a time to meet!