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Women’s Group for Anxiety and Depression: The Myths We Believe

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Women’s Group for Anxiety and Depression:

The Myths We Believe

Have you ever felt weighed down by the things you tell yourself? Have you ever wondered if there was another way of looking at things?

Cognitive distortions are often at the root of our stresses, anxieties, and woes. In this group designed for women, we wish to help you learn about these negative thought patterns and equip you with ways to overcome them in order to improve your well-being.

Join us for any meeting, free of charge, to learn about each myth and support each other as we work to improve our daily lives together.

* June 7: Introduction to Depression, Anxiety, and Cognitive Distortions
* June 14: “I should be perfect”
* June 21: “I don’t deserve good things” and “Everything is hopeless”
* June 28: “Someone else does it better” and “I’m a failure”
* July 5: “I know what you’re thinking”
* July 12: “What if the worst happens?”
* July 19: “It’s all my responsibility”, “It’s all your fault”
* July 26: “It’s either always or never”
* August 2: “It’s either this or that”
* August 9: “I feel it, therefore it’s true”
* August 16: “Regretting the past will make it better” and “Judging the present will make it so”
* August 23: Review and Close

 Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm.

June 7th through August 23rd


Second Floor, Suite 200.

1565 Bethel Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43220

Led by Sabrina Ropp CT, Lauren Simms CT, and Rachel Varcho CT

Check us out at