Who is Your Anchor?

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wrestling and suffering anchor

Wrestling with God and denying God are two different things. Suffering reveals who is anchoring you at all times. Are your circumstances in life your anchor, or is the God of Ages?…We must not let suffering choke out of us the truth about who God is…[Both] good and evil will cross our paths. And during both, the Lord remains the same. 
(Eric Mason, Unleashed, p 95)

When suffering hits, and it will, what we hold onto as the waves hit reveals to what our heart is anchored. If our inner security is based upon external circumstances, our emotions, or other people, we will find ourselves feeling easily swamped and on the verge of be swept away.

On the other hand, if we are anchored on Someone greater than us and greater than the events of life, we will discover a way to weather life’s storms when they occur without finding ourselves wrecked upon the reefs of life.

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