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Want Help Sleeping? Put Down That Bedtime Snack!

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food sleepSometimes we like to grab that extra glass of water or a bedtime snack to try to help us relax and go to sleep at night.  But is it really helpful or could it actually be enhancing your sleeping struggles?

The Mayo Clinic has the following suggestions regarding helping yourself get to sleep:

1) Avoid large, high fat meals late in the day.  Eating a large meal, especially one that is high in fat, will contribute to your sleeping woes.

2) Avoid caffeine in the last few hours of the evening.  It can take a few hours for the caffeine to be out of your system, so avoid that last minute cup of caffeinated tea or coffee.

3) Avoid alcohol before bed.  While you may feel sleepy due to the effects of alcohol, it will prevent you from entering into a deep sleep and may cause you to wake up during the night.

4) Avoid excessive fluids before bed.  Some little kids drink a lot of water on Christmas Eve to wake up to catch a glimpse of Santa (because they have to pee).  The results are the same on adults.

5) Have a healthy lifestyle.  Eating a proper diet, including fruits, vegetables, and nuts, plus regular exercise will help keep you healthy which will in turn help with your sleeping.