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Top 10 Mental Health Concerns of College Students

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The Center for Collegiate Mental Health has issued a report that has spanned six years, over 100,000 students, and 140 colleges and universities.

Thousands of counselors nationwide found the top 10 concerns of students, listed in descending order, are:”

1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Relationship problems
4. Stress
5. Academic performance
6. Family
7. Interpersonal functioning
8. Grief or loss
9. Mood instability
10. Adjustment to a new environment.

It’s believed that college students can experience all of these mental health concerns due to the amount of work they’re expected to do. Throughout their time at college, students experience deadlines, exams and assignments. All of these things can cause damage to their mental health if they’re not careful. Students should look for ways to help them manage their workload more effectively. Some students have managed their workload by using and other similar services. This is just one example though, other ways could include purchasing an organiser to better manage your time or speaking to someone to try and reduce the work demand.

More importantly, if you or someone you know is a college student struggling with any of the common ten items in the report, there is hope and help available. In addition to the mental health centers offered by colleges and universities, there are counseling centers like CornerStone Family Services (614-459-3003) with counselors and coaches who are equipped and willing to help a person achieve their mental health goals.