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Tips for Parenting Teens

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Group Of Teenage Friends Standing Outside

Tips for Parenting Teens

By Franklin County Children’s Services

As teenages approach independence, they need their parents more than ever to offer guidance and help them make good choices. Help your teen become a caring, independent and responsible adult by following these tips from the Mayo Clinic:

Show Your Love: Spent time with your teen, listen to them, respect their feelings and give them justified praise.

Minimize Pressure: Don’t pressure your teen to be like you. Allow them some degree of self-expression.

Set Limits: Be specific and consistent, but also be reasonable and flexible. Grant your teen more freedom as they prove they can handle responsibility. Explain your decisions.

Enforce Consequences: Ask your teen to suggest a consequence for their actions. Impose additional responsibilities and restrictions if necessary.

Set a Positive Example: Your actions generally speak louder than words. If you set a positive example, your teen will likely follow your lead.


If you would like more help on parenting your teen or teens, please contact CornerStone Family Services at 614-459-3003 to set up an appointment with a counselor or coach.