Have You Ever Tried Going a Day Without Complaining?

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Have you ever taken the time to count how many times you have complained in a day?

We seem to find something to complain about – the weather, the traffic, the coworkers, the amount of work to do, the amount of sitting around doing nothing, the family, the pains in your body, and on and on and on.

What if we realized that what we say, how we say it, and how often we say something actually does impact our outlook on life, others and ourselves?  (Because it does.  A lot.)  What would change?

Try an experiment. Go about your day without complaining.  Every time you think about complaining, give thanks for something (but not in a complaining thanksgiving kind of way).  It will likely be very difficult at first, but as you change your self-talk, and talk about others and things, you will, over time, begin to change for the better from the inside out.

For help with your self-talk, view of others, and view of the world, please contact CornerStone Family Services at 614-459-3003.




Self-Talk is Important

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Our self-talk – the things we tell ourselves based upon our assumptions and core beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world – is incredibly important.  Our self-talk has the ability to impact our emotions, our behaviors, and our physical health.

To receive help on improving your self-talk, call CornerStone Family Services at 614-459-3003.

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