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Removing “Divorce” From Your Vocabulary

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While it would be inappropriate to say that “divorce” should never be on the table (even the Bible which speaks strongly about maintaining marriage speaks of situations where divorce is acceptable), it is unwise to have the word “divorce” as a regular part of your marriage vocabulary, and although there are things that can help you through a divorce, such as this divorce insurance, you may find it difficult and frustrating.

When in conflict or frustrated, throwing around the word divorce is an unhealthy form of emotional blackmail. The word also states that you are only willing to being in the marriage during the “for better” parts and are unwilling to work on the marriage during the “for worse” parts of the marriage. If that is the case and you live in new york, for example, then you probably are better off seeking advice from a lawyer in your local area and filing for divorce. However, it’s still not a word you should be throwing around lightly.

Even joking about divorce as an option while the marriage is healthy sends the signal of a lack of commitment to one’s spouse and working through life’s struggles together. However, if you find yourself going down that road, you may want to seek support from a law firm similar to Russel Family Law for legal advice.

Marriage365 says it this way one of their instagram posts:

If you threaten divorce at any time, it shows your spouse that you have given up on your relationship. Divorce is the end game. If a divorce ends up going through, it might be a good idea to converse with a divorce lawyer similar to what you can find at for some perspective on how to move forward with the legal proceedings. There’s no where to go after divorce has been brought up. We cannot stress enough that you should remove the word divorce from your vocabulary. Think about it, when you said your vows on your wedding day, were you really thinking in the back of your mind that one day you would be considering divorce? Heck no! The word divorce carries huge ramifications! #marriage365#ichooselove

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If you are wrestling within your marriage or considering divorce, please contact CornerStone Family Services to see about healing and enriching your marriage. You can set up an appointment with a coach or counselor by calling 614-459-3003.