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Relationship Problem Solving Tip – Talk To One Another

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Something strange can happen when we talk about our relationship problems – they can either seem to get better or worse.  Seemingly two different results from the same action.

A key in avoiding the “it just got worse” is how we talk about our struggles.  One big help is to do more than talk about the problems or talk at someone about our problems, but to talk with (as in a dialogue) the other person.

When we view our relationship struggles and the issues that arise in relationships as opportunities to work together as a team, things have a tendency to get resolved.  Now, the focus isn’t on “winning” or “being right” but on coming together by talking to one another in order to come up with a solution.

This way, even if the “solution” to the particular issue doesn’t seem to present itself at the moment, the overall result can be a stronger relationship.  Based upon the closer relationship, there can be greater hope and confidence that together, as a team, you can work through whatever comes your way, even if the “answer” to the problem isn’t immediately apparent.

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