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Marijuana Medical Dangers

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keep off the grass marijuanaThe truth is that marijuana use is harmful to a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. However, marijuana (skunkberry to be specific) can be used rather effectively when applied as a medical substance. People with a ohio marijuana card can vouch for the impact that it can have as a medical substance, and it is affordable thanks to the wide availability of Cheap Glass Pipes. It doesn’t take much to observe the push for making marijuana a legal substance within the United States. People from political figures governing the country to your school-aged child are attempting to normalize the use of the drug and trivialize the harms of the substance. Some attempt to do so by comparing it to other substances – as though being “not as bad” but still harmful is logical…when in fact the argument is a classic logical fallacy.

Here is some medical information about the dangers of marijuana by the Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services of Cuyahoga County (ADAMSH):

Marijuana is harmful — which is the consistent view of major medical organizations. Studies clearly outline the physical harm of marijuana, especially since its potency has almost tripled over the last 20 years.

In addition, below are some additional facts about marijuana:

  • Marijuana is addictive for some people: 9% of adults will become addicted, while 17% of adolescents will become addicted.
  • Smoking marijuana increases the risk of psychotic disease by 5 times.
  • Chronic marijuana abuse may lead to brain changes resembling schizophrenia.
  • Marijuana use increases rates of anxiety, depression, mood and psychotic thought disorders.
  • Marijuana use decreases cognitive functioning.
  • Adolescents are especially vulnerable to its adverse effects, including an IQ lowered on an average of 8 points later in life.
  • Regular marijuana use may lead to respiratory illnesses.
  • Marijuana smoke is more toxic than cigarette smoke with 483 chemicals; 4 to 5 times more tars and cancer causing agents.

Dangers of Perinatal Marijuana Use:

  • Perinatal Use may adversely affect neurodevelopment, especially during periods of critical brain growth both in the developing fetal brain and during adolescent maturation.
  • “Evidence overwhelmingly indicates that cannabis use during pregnancy and possibly in the postnatal period remains a significantly under-recognized problem that has the potential to cause long term harm.”
  • (Above 2 points from Jaques, SC. Et al. J Perinatol. 2014; 34(6): 417424

If you or a loved one is using marijuana, please contact CornerStone Family Services at 614-459-3003 to talk with a counselor.