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Interview of Kelly Williams About Postpartum Depression

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Here is a snippet from the interview of Kelly Williams by Natalie Razavi about postpartum depression:

You’ve been open about your battle with postpartum depression and anxiety.
What was that time like and what fuels your vulnerability?

Postpartum depressionOh man. It’s honestly so difficult to capture in words, but the easiest way to describe it is to say that it was by far the darkest chapter of my entire life. I was blindsided by the intense pain that I felt while under that darkness. I wasn’t prepared for it in the slightest. I had never suffered from any type of depression previously, and the feelings that I felt were crippling in all aspects. I literally felt like I was going crazy. Sleep was my only escape-as soon as I woke up, I’d immediately have a panic attack. Not to mention I barely got any sleep, and many times considered a sleep consultant with all the sleep I and my baby were missing. I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life by having a child; not that Story was a mistake, but that I had entered into something that I couldn’t back out of, and I was terrified. I’ve always been an open book, so it felt quite natural for me to share my story. I know a lot of women feel a sense of shame associated with PPD/PPA, but having full disclosure with others about what I was going through and had gone through became a part of my healing process.

For the full interview, including how she worked through postpartum depression, check out the full article.

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