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How to Get Off the Floor When All Seems Hopeless

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How to Get off the floor

There are times in life when all seems hopeless.  Our thoughts are pitch black. Our physical energy seems drained. Our emotions are dreary at best. Our social supports feel like weights. Our spiritual strength is sapped.

During our times of hopeless, taking action – no matter how seemingly small it may seem – can be a first step in getting up off the floor and finding a flicker of hope.

James Altucher gives several ways in his chart to help us find that light of hope, refocus, and get off the floor when all seems hopeless.

Give one of them a try.

And if you feel ambitious, try two of the ideas.

Also, please reach out for help when you find yourself on the floor.

For example give Netcare a call at  614-276-2273 if you feel at wits end and completely hopeless.  Check out some other resources of support here.

You can also give CornerStone Family Services at 614-459-3003 to set up an appointment with one of our supportive counselors or coaches.