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Ears Plugged and Mad at the Silence

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Ears plugged to God

When life gets chaotic and painful, the Bible encourages us to cry out to God. Sometimes, when we cry out it can seem as though we are getting a response of silence.  Is God broken? Is He giving us the silent treatment?

Before we get to anxious and angry, it may be wise to step back and do a self-diagnosis.  Are we only seeking Him out when we experience trouble? If so, maybe He is speaking but we just don’t have our ears unplugged or tuned into hearing Him.

The Bible does encourage us to talk with God in our distress, but it also encourages daily communication with Him, even during the mundane and good seasons of life.  Not only do we learn to follow Him outside of times of distress, we also practice keeping our ears unplugged and open to Him.  By engaging God regularly we help prepare ourselves to hear Him in our distress, too.