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Having Difficult Conversations in Marriage

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“Start difficult conversations gently and kindly.” (The Gottman Institute)

There are going to be times in a marriage where conversations that are difficult will arise. The topic may be emotionally difficult. The situation may be difficult. An attitude being addressed may be difficult. A behavior may be difficult. An anticipated response may be difficult.

There may be one or many things that may result in difficulty in a conversation, but avoiding a conversation because it may be difficult (or has been difficult in the past) will not make the difficulty go away nor the issue go away. Avoidance of issues does not make the issues go away; rather the issues tend to fester and eat away at the health of a marriage relationship.

One tip in starting to address issues that may be difficult is to do so gently and kindly.  How we choose to conduct ourselves Рespecially from the onset of a conversation Рcan go a long way in helping difficult conversations move two people towards each other and a healthier marriage as an end result.


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