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Boundaries Group – Starting October 2

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Do you struggle to say no? Do you bend over backwards to help everyone else? Do you sacrifice your time and resources for others? Do you take responsibility for the actions and feelings of other people? Do you find yourself being talked into things you don’t initially want to do? Do you feel guilty for things that most people don’t even worry about?

Take this Boundaries Quiz see how you do with healthy boundaries:

If you can answer yes to any, or even many, of these questions, it is time to talk about boundaries. A boundary is the personal property line that defines who you are and who you are not (Cloud and Townsend, 1995). It is not mean or selfish to have boundaries. It is a form of self-care. Join us for a chance to learn more about boundaries and find support for yourself and others who want to make some positive, life-giving changes.


Whether you have picked up this pamphlet by happenstance, received it from someone, or viewed it online, please accept our invitation to join our Autumn Women’s Support Group at Cornerstone Family Services. This group is free of charge and there are no attendance requirements. You may come to as many sessions as you please. We simply ask that you come prepared to learn and to support other women like you in an environment of acceptance and healing.