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An Open Letter to Someone Who Hurt Me

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old ink letterHanging onto hurts can make us feel better about ourselves for a moment but is destructive to us in the moment and into the future.

Take a look at this open letter from a brave and healthy young woman to a person who hurt her.

Her letter demonstrates the power and healing that comes with choosing to forgive.

An Open Letter to Someone Who Hurt Me

By sarahmae

To Someone Who Hurt Me:

You don’t get to win.

You don’t get to take control of my life – my thoughts.

No – you don’t get the privilege.

My mom always said that people who tear others down, only do it to make themselves feel better.

She’s right, of course.

You’re the insecure one. You’re the ugly one. You’re the fat one. You’re lonely, mean, and sad.

But there’s a difference between you and me.

I’ll never make you feel insecure, ugly, fat, mean, or sad.

In fact, I want to build you up. I want to tell you that you’re beautiful, sweet, confident, and kind.

Your life is so much bigger than tearing someone else down. When you do that – you press pause on your own life. And we only get 80-or-so years on this earth – that’s nothing. That’s not even enough time to blink.

So, you beautiful, confident, sweet, kind human who hurt me –

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Find something about yourself that’s worth loving.

You may not even know that you hurt me. You might’ve done it on purpose.

It doesn’t matter.

I truly hope you discover your own self-worth…and soon.

80 years isn’t much time.

Don’t waste it.

All my love,

Someone Who Forgives You & Wishes You Well