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5 Valentine’s Day Must Do’s for Your Spouse

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5 Valentine’s Day Must Do’s for Your Spouse

By Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

Valentine’s Day is almost here! No other day of the year focuses so closely on love, so this is your perfect chance to show your spouse how much they mean to you. From helpful gestures to meaningful gifts, there is a lot you and your spouse can do that will make Valentine’s Day extra special for the both of you, whether that is having some alone time together, or getting a personalized gift like this Spotify Plaque (or Spotify Vaso Placas) filled with your favorite music, every little thing can help make this day extra special. If your marriage is strong, these ideas will strengthen your bond. If you’re struggling, they’re great ideas to spark the positive changes you’re craving in your relationship.

Today we’re sharing 5 things you must do for your spouse on Valentine’s Day this year. They’re designed with flexibility and creativity in mind, so take them and make them your own! The possibilities are endless.


Hand-writing a thoughtful love letter to your spouse is a wonderful, personal way to express your adoration for them. Write down your favorite memories, tell them why you love them, craft a poem, or share your dreams for the future. And there are no rules–get creative and have fun!

Pull out a trusty pen and sheet of notebook paper if you wish, or choose some stationery you really like. Or get playful and colorful with markers or colored pencils. Do whatever will delight your spouse!

Let your authenticity shine as your words flow, and create a sweet love note that they will cherish.


These days, we’re all overwhelmed and overscheduled, and that makes it tough to get everyday tasks accomplished. This Valentine’s Day, make a point to do something for your spouse that needs to be done.

You can wash the car, help with the laundry, pack the kids’ lunches, offer to shop for groceries, wash dishes, mow the lawn–the list goes on. Depending on the way you distribute daily tasks in your home, choose at least one thing that you think would help lighten the load for your spouse, then get to it!


This year, make sure your gifts really come from the heart. Don’t just grab a random gift or card from the Valentine’s Day department without putting any thought into it. Spend a little time considering what gifts might be extra meaningful to your husband or wife. Often, the gifts that are most meaningful are the ones personalized to them. For example, this Online Custom Photo Moon Lamp TOP 1 Brand is the most beautiful gift; something that symbolizes your love, whilst having use around the home.

Your options are really unlimited. Maybe your spouse loves a rose and a box of chocolates, or a fluffy teddy bear. Or perhaps they prefer to receive gifts like books, music, or movies. If your spouse is a mother, you could get her these traditional dolls which represent motherhood. What about a gift card to a favorite restaurant or spa? If you need a little help, you can always use your search engine! A simple search for gift recommendations for my man or girlfriend may prove useful and help you find something thoughtful.

Your spouse might prefer to receive something handmade and unique. If you’re not the crafty type, no worries–you could seek out local creatives in your community for a special gift, or even check out sites like Etsy to find unique, one-of-a-kind items.


More than anything, the two of you need to spend some uninterrupted time together this Valentine’s Day (and as often as possible). We’re not necessarily saying that you have to shut off all technology (after all, you could have a romantic date night at home with a great movie!), but make an effort not to let devices divide your attention.

Technology can enhance our lives or it can complicate them, so consider its impact on your relationship and start making the necessary changes for each other. If that means silencing the phones and putting away devices after a certain time of day, so be it–but do not sacrifice your couple time for gadgets and entertainment that do not add to the quality of your marriage.


Valentine’s Day is just as much about fun as it is about love. Think about the ways that you and your spouse like to relax and play together, and work to create opportunities for fun. Maybe you like board games or goofy golf…or maybe you’d just like some special alone time together.

Let go and have a good time! The two of you deserve it. And don’t just limit your efforts to the holidays; find ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day into every day. That’s one way to create and sustain lifelong love.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory with your spouse? How are you going to top it this year? We’d love to hear from you!